Mulamoottil group was born out of a simple idea; a conviction that if people are adequately supported with financial, educational, healthcare empowerment, they will contribute positively to social and economic progress.

We aim to be one of the leading family-run conglomerates in the world whilst strongly upholding traditional values of Integrity, Honour, and Commitment to both Economic and Social progress.


We are committed to social upliftment, rural development and to our environment. We believe that our focus on financial inclusion, education and healthcare will contribute positively to the progress of the nation by stimulating rural growth.

We believe that the strength of the nation resides in the villages and we are firm in our resolve to maintain our presence in rural areas.

We will endeavour to:

  • create new business opportunities & expand our footprint globally
  • innovate & derive more value for ourselves and our community
  • lead the industry in each of the segments we are present in

Core values

“Honour Above All”

Our commitment to Honour guarantees that we will be fair, honest, transparent, ethical and lawful in all our activities. We will be honourable with our clients and our employees.

We will work towards-

  • positively impacting people’s lives in all our activities
  • happiness for our customers and employees
  • proactively caring for our environment
  • creating outstanding value in all our business
  • excellence in corporate governance

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